UFC 200 Cormier vs Jones 2 Most important Card


The event UFC 200 Cormier vs Jones 2 takes location in Las Vegas, New York, whereby both fighters show their self-confidence in taking household the title from the heavy weight champion. The two rival champions having said that share our opinions on how they really feel about each other. Get extra information about ufc 200

As interviewed by reporters, Jones discovered the possibility to clarify motives why he will not consider his fellow champion has an upper hand more than his capacity to break the world record. He says that despite the truth that Daniel Cormier and all time planet record of 17-1, he can beat all of the other people except himself (Jon Jones). He confidently says Cormier’s championship doesn’t imply any greatness above him.

Jon Jones refers back for the college and adds on that if Daniel Cormier was excellent, he would also beaten Cael Sanderson at college level. Jones reminds the fans that the first time he fought DC, he defeated him and takes advantage over this and insists that offered likelihood subsequent time, he will prove him wrong.

UFC 200 Cormier vs Jones Fight Information

The two nonetheless share victory against Alexander Gustafsson; whereby Jones defeated him at UFC 165 soon after which Cormier took more than at UFC 192 by split choice. Cormier admits that the moment he lays his hand on Alexander, there is certainly no doubt, he surely will win. He also says Jones had much less influence on him as he sustained couple of injuries as in comparison to when he fought Alexander Gustafsson. Mr. Gustafsson was most likely tougher and gave Cormier a hard time, even though he nonetheless was able to defeat him. Jones in return boasts more than Cormier saying that he was capable to produce him cry, so challenging according to Al-shatti.

The final time the two champions fought, Jones just about did away with DC as he was capable to foot sweep his buddy to the floor and actually mocked him by brushing his head as a sign of victory over him, a man who identified worldwide because the Olympian. The champions were properly known to pause for camera shots as they challenged each one’s ability in public.

Extra tension is cooking behind the bars in between DC and Jon Jones as reported by the New York press conference. Evidently, the two are scheming to throw blows at 1 one more within the Octagon as Cormier was spotted having a leg injury in the last match in the UFC 197. Daniel Cormier plots to acquire revenge around the same inside the Octagon UFC 200 fight The two can not wait for the remaining greater than two months ahead of the fight as they currently have began throwing hate speech about one another.


The UFC 200 MMA biggest occasion in summer season can be a month away. The match involving Jones vs Cormier two is definitely the center of interest as McGregor has been confirmed out on the event. The match with McGregor against Nate Diaz has been postponed to UFC 202. The UFC 200 is scheduled to start on Saturday July 9, 2016 Las Vegas, especially in the new T-Mobile Arena. The main participants on the card include things like: daniel Cormier against Jon Jones, Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt, Cain Velasquez against Travis Browne and amongst Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes.Hare Is ufc 200 full fight card are you currently see one the event do not miss the ufc 200 huge mma fight.

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