Rolando Gapud

Rolando Gapud.png
Rolando Gapud is a Filipino businessman and present Executive Chairman of the Board of Del Monte Pacific Restricted (DMPL). DMPL owns and operates a group of providers that caters to today’s customer needs for premium quality, wholesome food and beverage solutions. In February 2014, DMPL acquired the consumer food organization of Del Monte Corporation within the United states, which has been renamed Del Monte Foods, Inc. Get far more details about Gapud Rolando

In 1961, Rolando Gapud graduated with honors from Ateneo University in Manila, Philippines, where he received his B.A. in Mathematics. In 1964, he received a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Throughout his studies, he researched management theory in depth and went on to publish a book titled “A Measure of Information Program Efficiency”.

Because the early 1970’s, Rolando Gapud has served as CEO and sat on the board of different providers active in regions ranging from pharmaceuticals to banking, operating from diverse geographical places including Manila, Hong Kong, New Delhi or San Fransisco.

For the detailed list of positions held, click right here.

Rolando Gapud can also be involved in a quantity of neighborhood development projects, either on his own private time, or through Del Monte’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. His contributions consist of the promotion of larger education through donations to the Sloan College of MIT, where he’s a member on the Asian Executive Board, also as neighborhood improvement initiatives within the Philippines, exactly where DMPL operates the largest integrated pineapple plantation in the planet. You will discover additional information about these activities around the Neighborhood Engagement page.


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