Face Reading – What is It?

Face reading and discovering one’s own innate nature dates back as far as Cro-Magnon cave drawings. All through history, reference to facial structure and their corresponding function seems in literature, the arts and medicine. Aristotle was the initial person to create a treatise on face reading referred to as Physiognomonica. Get much more details about face reading

From ancient occasions to the present, face reading has evolved from an art to a science. Within the late 1930’s Dr. Edward Vincent Jones, combined brain and genetic investigation together with the philosophies of physiognomy, the assessment of a person’s character based on their facial look, and phrenology, the study of human behavior primarily based around the measurements of the human skull, to create personology, the study of facial structures and their corresponding behaviors.

Dr. Jones’ function was carried on having a five-year research study completed by Robert and Elizabeth Whiteside. I have been fortunate to study with their son, Daniel Whiteside, who continued their analysis. With each other with Gordon Stokes and Candace Callaway, Daniel refined the facts into what’s referred to as Structure/Function, the study of how the physical structure from the face, head and physique relates to human behavior and function.

Every physical structure is a clue to our innate behavior: who we are, how we relate to other people and how people see and respond to us.

Studying facial structures offers us a brand new point of view on relationships. Respect and understanding is developed for those with whom we desire to efficiently communicate.

Each and every person structure represents a single or all of the following:

* A Strength;

* An Potential;

* An Benefit;

* A Talent;

* A Present or Lesson to become discovered.

For instance, let’s look in the shape on the face. Face shape has to do with self-confidence – innate or discovered.

The individual with a extended, narrow face is by nature cautious. Their self-confidence and assurance comes from possessing learned all of the methods. They expertise self-doubt when approaching unfamiliar people today and projects. For those who have a lengthy, narrow face, demand to know and then find out the measures, create your confidence and respect the self-assurance that you have earned.

The opposite face shape is called broad-shield. The width is by way of the eyes. This person is innately confident. They really feel that they could manage anything and usually face challenges head on. They’re extremely direct and can usually be in a leadership position. Want a volunteer for any project or committee? Someone using a broad-shield face is probably to jump ideal in and fill the will need. They don’t even have to have to know what the assignment is.

There are no superior or undesirable facial traits to have. Your life story is written in your face. All your experiences, perceptions and natural abilities are there for the planet to view. Share the essence of YOU!


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