What Are 5 in the Greatest Hotels in Abu Dhabi?

A thriving metropolis located on a tiny island just off the southern coast on the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is among the new centers of international business enterprise. One century ago, this great city was a mere fishing village whose residents relied upon the sea for their sustenance. Nowadays, it relies upon its vast reserves of petroleum plus the fantastic riches which have come together with them. Get far more details about hotels in abu dhabi


The capital in the United Arab Emirates is now among the richest cities on the planet, and its fantastic wealth is reflected in its wide assortment of comfortable and lush hotels. It may, in actual fact, be complicated for the traveler unfamiliar with this city to seek out very affordable lodging due to the city’s emphasis on luxury. As Abu Dhabi has opened as much as western tourism, nevertheless, fairly inexpensive hotels with exceptional service have begun to appear about the city. Listed below are just a couple of with the greatest hotels Abu Dhabi has to provide.

1) Cristal Salam Hotel

Travelers who are on a price range may be nervous about booking a area in the famously expensive city. Even so, you will find comparatively low-cost possibilities, plus the very best of those is the Cristal Salam Hotel. Positioned inside the bustling eastern neighborhood of Madinat Zayed, a mere ten-minute drive in the center in the city, the Cristal Salam provides travelers top-rated service, excellent rooms, in addition to a central location.

Rates to get a area in the Cristal Salam Hotel commence at around $60 per night. Couple of other hotels in Abu Dhabi function similarly low rates, and none of these hotels offer the exact same kind of service as does the Cristal Salam. For these causes, the Cristal Salam Hotel is very common with vacationers, so be certain to book early to ensure low-cost lodging inside the city.

two) Beach Rotana

Another hotel around the eastern end of Abu Dhabi, the Beach Rotana is really a good option for travelers who want the comfort of quick access to the beach with no having to leave their hotel. The Beach Rotana gives both excellent service and direct access towards the beach, which also involves beachside bars and pools. Popular restaurants at the Rotana include Indigo, a “modern Indian” restaurant; Trader Vic’s, a French Polynesian restaurant; and the internationally recognized Japanese steakhouse chain Benihana.

Rooms at the Rotana let out for about $100 per evening and up, but particular deals are regularly obtainable. Even at the standard rate, nonetheless, a room at the Rotana is greater than worth it – guests have easy access to each the beach and Abu Dhabi Mall, a huge retail center within the eastern Madinat Zayed district on the city. Lovers of suntanning, swimming, and purchasing cannot ask for something far more out of a hotel.

three) Hilton Abu Dhabi

For those vacationers who desire to stick with all the tried and true, the Hilton Abu Dhabi may be the very best choice out there. The Hilton functions outstanding service, well-maintained and luxurious rooms, a stunning view of the wealthy west end of the city, and excellent restaurants and bars. Travelers staying at the Hilton should not miss out on Hemingway’s, a restaurant and bar featuring a Middle Eastern take on Tex-Mex cuisine and live music. Attached to Hemingway’s is definitely the Jazz Bar & Club, a well-liked meeting place for vacationers and resident expatriates alike.

The Hilton is situated around the southwestern finish of Abu Dhabi Island, about fifteen minutes away in the city center by car. Prices to get a room at the Hilton are fairly reasonable, beginning at around $120 per night.

4) Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers can be a huge office, residence, and hotel complex in the west of Abu Dhabi. Developed by royal family member Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammad Al-Nahyan and built by Australian architectural firm DBI Design, these 5 giant towers loom over Abu Dhabi, dwarfed only by the 74-story Sky Tower situated on the other finish in the city. Etihad Towers gives greater than simple height, however – it also contains the Jumeirah, a top-rated 5 star hotel. The Jumeirah occupies among the 5 towers and functions luxurious rooms, exceptional dining, and the best views to be had anywhere in Abu Dhabi. Guests staying in Abu Dhabi for company purposes can take advantage of one of the thirteen meeting rooms obtainable inside the Jumeirah’s conference center. The hotel’s restaurant fare, which involves Lebanese, Japanese, and everything in between, stands up to the most beneficial food this city has to supply.

Naturally, the Jumeirah’s luxury comes at a price. Rooms at the Jumeirah commence at $200 per night. Even so, if you can afford the stay, the cost is effectively worth it, if only for the amazing view.

5) Emirates Palace

The undisputed champion inside the fields of luxury and pure, unabashed decadence – this title is won handily by Emirates Palace, a hotel in the western Al-Ras Al-Akhdar district of Abu Dhabi. To simply call Emirates Palace a “hotel” is not doing it justice, nonetheless. This 85-hectare complex options stunning gardens and plazas. The hotel building itself truly is really a palace – the interiors of its vast lobby and halls are decorated in gold, and also the exterior gives off a Middle Eastern fairy tale feel, as though the entire structure had been pulled right out on the A single Thousand and A single Nights.

Some from the Palace’s astounding features involve a beautifully-maintained 1.three kilometer stretch of private beach, forty conference rooms for visitors in Abu Dhabi on small business, along with a wide range of international cuisine. Etoiles Bar and Havana Bar are popular get-together spots for expatriates who don’t mind dropping 30 dirhams ($8) on a beer, along with the lobby itself features a cafe service for both guests and non-guest visitors. Among the cafe’s most common items is the 24-karat gold-topped cappuccino, which is usually a normal cappuccino sprinkled with real gold dust.

Emirates Palace is, hands down, the most high priced hotel in Abu Dhabi, with rooms starting at $400 per night and quickly rising to $2,000 for the deluxe suites. Fortunately for those travelers who want a taste of extreme luxury in the Palace but can not afford a area, the hotel’s lobby and restaurants are open towards the public. Indeed, Emirates Palace is among the best tourist destinations within the city, and for good reason. Nowhere will be the sheer wealth of Abu Dhabi more overtly displayed than at this incredibly luxurious hotel.


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