Finally, there’s with docking station, Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro usb hubs.jpg


Ican nothearit anymore. Almost theentireMacpressmediaworldcomplainsthatall connections have been rationalized by AppleontheMacbookPro,uptotheC that is USB. VerytheMag-SaveLadeportwasremoved.Apple finallyreleasedthemethodforareasonable docking solutionfortheMacbookPro.All connections, one port. Everything, a cable! Get extra details about GN28A


Thestupidestthingaboutitwasthatthecableswere alwayscrumblingover night. Howmany timeshaveIcursedandthecables that were stupidsought.


Macbook Pro without docking station


Dayafterday.Thebadthingis,ICAn’teven changeitonthe2013model.Nervous,is notit ?! (Yes I know I should make my keyboard clean).



DockingStationforMacbook (Pro)


Now everything is different!Youcometotheoffice, onlythedockingstationisready and closed. Clean,fast and nocablethatinto any corner turns at night. Sohandy!Whatshoudthat? WeCAn’tusetheMac. “-Ican notreallyhearitanymore.This reallyis muchtoobrief.USB-Cwill be the future and is.







The world rumbled, when Apple dropped Firewire. Howcanyou!


Andnow? Who thenusessuchtimemedia? BurntDVDs,letaloneCDs,have longbeenhistory.Waytoosensitive. Too big and too slow.Presseddoes notneedanyway anyway. IntimesofAppleMusic,Google Play Music and Spotifydoes notbuymoreCDs.IntimesofNetflixnoDVDs.


Soit’s going tobetheUSB3 port or the USB 2. Thunderbolt,first righttheHDMIortheSDcard,Mostcameras nowhaveWLAN.TheotherscouldbeconnectedtoMicroUSBcabletotheMacbookProwithaUSB-C. Thedockingstationtakes,shouldyouneedanSDcardreaderontheMacbook.


Gowiththetimes.Looktothenewoneanddo notalways mourntheone that is lost!DearMac users and editors,let usmourntheoldone afterwardsandlooktothenew future!


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