home chemistry

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When I was ten, I nearly blew up my house. Seriously. My dad wanted to set up a laboratory in the basement. After buying chemicals and equipment, we did science projects together almost every weekend. One Saturday, my dad took out a huge graduated cylinder from the cabinet. He opened a bottle of orange powder. I poured it into the cylinder. Then, he told me to stand back. He lit a match, dropped it in the powder, and BOOM! Suddenly, the powder flared up, sparked, and green foam sputtered everywhere. He said the powder was a chemical called ammonium dichromate. When fire touches this chemical, it reacts vigorously. As a result, the reaction produces other chemicals. A green “fluff” (chromium oxide), steam (gaseous water), and hot nitrogen gas. It looked like the image above. That day, I realized how cool my dad was. Most of all, he taught me how fun science is. So, if you’re bored and want to do something, you’ll love this website. SciBorg Projects promotes education and fun for all all ages. For a while, I’ve been collecting hundreds of science projects, and I intend to share all of them with you. home chemistry

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